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Thor Steinar online shop hacked

The Online Shop of the right wing mail-order „Thor Steinar“ has been hacked. The information of 54.000 customers where open in the internet including e-mail adresses.
The sales volume of the shop show high markes up to 1.8 million euros in 2007:

11 2006: 261635.44 Euro
12 2006: 197910.7 Euro
2006 gesamt: 459.546,14 Euro

01 2007: 98763.16 Euro
02 2007: 75249.9 Euro
03 2007: 84522.23 Euro
04 2007: 209592.38 Euro
05 2007: 192007.2 Euro
06 2007: 128571.56 Euro
07 2007: 93372.68 Euro
08 2007: 94478.49 Euro
09 2007: 151745.02 Euro
10 2007: 324375.29 Euro
11 2007: 169634.34 Euro
12 2007: 184903.68 Euro
2007 gesamt: 1.807.215,93 Euro

01 2008: 134708.73 Euro
02 2008: 70496.07 Euro
03 2008: 95703.23 Euro
04 2008: 244229.85 Euro
05 2008: 166249.74 Euro
06 2008: 295061.62 Euro
07 2008: 171813.51 Euro
08 2008: 658.42 Euro
09 2008: 86.476,41 Euro
2008 gesamt: 1.265.397,58 Euro

Source: Chaos Computer Club

German Neonazi-leader deathly ill in hospital

According to several blogreports, the german neonazi sponsor and member of the executive board of the neonazistic party NPD (Nationaldemokratic Party of Germany) Jürgen Rieger suffered a stroke at a meeting of the partys board on Saturday and was sent to hospital, where is is supposedly lying in a coma since then. Whether he will ever wake up, or be able to work again seems unclear until now.
Jürgen Rieger, a practicing lawyer from Hamburg, has been, in the past years, a financial and juridical backup of the german neonazi scene. He defended „half of the neonazi scene“ and funded due to the fact, that he is a millionaire, several projects.

More information (german): Störungsmelder

Several Hundred Neonazis demonstrating in Berlin

Between 750 and 1000 right wing extremists, most of them „autonomous nationalists“ demonstrated yesterday in Berlin against „left terror“. This demonstration was motivated by an attack on a Bar in the Berlin district of Niederschöneweide. On October 4th, masked people threw two incendiary compositions into the bar, that used to be a meeting point for local neonazis. According to police press reports this was not a political motivated act. Two suspects are being interrogated. The local and regional neonazi-scene took this as an advantage to demonstrate in the streets of Berlin, refusing to belief the police reports, and instead accusing antifascist people to be responsible for the crime.
Neonazis from all over the country came to this demonstration, showing to their aggressive side. Bottles and even a stone plate where thrown out of the demonstration on people passing by. According to NPD Blog even names of antifascist activists where read out loud accompanied by parols stating „left people have names and adresses, no forgiving, no forgeting.“
Pictures of the day can be found here and here