Sweden Democrats party congress – Leader reelected

The nationalistic party Sweden Democrats („Sverigedemokraterna“) is currently helding its party congress in the southern swedish town of Ljungbyhed. On friday, they among other topics, affirmed their current leader Jimmie Åkesson, who has been leading the party since 2005.
The party furthermore set up policy guidelines for their labour market policy. They appear to be interested in classical topics of the labour market, such as to find find answers to the questions how to diminish unemployment and how to suppport small companies. But nevertheless, their policy guidelines are based on a discriminatory basis. Basic elements of their policies are for example to support swedish citizens to get more jobs, and to make it harder for immigrants to recieve a work permit.
The congress will continue until sunday afternoon. Topics on their agenda are immigration-, family-, education-, defense- and environmental policy. One of the most debated topics will probably be the field of criminal laws, since the party is for the implementation of an open nationwide register of convicted sex offenders.
In an interview with the swedish newscast „Rapport“ Åkesson stated that the party is open to work together with any of the swedish parties currently in the swedish parliament after the elections next year. Current prognoses show the party between 3% and 3.5%. 4% are required to receive a seat in the parliament.